Key Moments that Inspired Sneakers Collector and Powerhouse Chris Robinson aka SBcollector


We want to share with you the inspiring story of Chris Robinson, a sneaker collected and a very successful entrepreneur. Let’s see how his life slowly changed because he believed in himself and because he knew to take the right step at a certain time. 

What is the road to success? Well, I guess everyone has a different answer to this question, but we can all agree that the road to success is not easy. Well, at least not for 99% of us. What it takes to succeed? Chris Robinson told us that hard work, dedication, and my love for fashion which unexpectedly led to his success.  

Chris Robinson grew up in a small town on Jersey Shore. Most of the time, he did not have everything he dreamed of and his childhood was slightly marked by this fact. Seeing other kids with new clothes and shoes marked him and maybe, this was the first turning point of his life without even realizing it. 

When he was just a kid, another thing happened and since then his life goal was clear. We had the opportunity to hear this story directly from Chris. Not the happiest, but for sure it generated a happy ending after years and years of hard work.

“One of the most influential turning points in my life was as a child I was sitting in front of the local convenience store when I threw a rock into the street as a brand-new Chevy Tahoe was passing by. The driver stopped, rolled down his window, cursed at me, and told me “This car cost $45,000 and you will never be able to afford something like this.” As I cried on my way home, I set goals to make sure I would prove that man wrong…”

The years passed and the teenager Chris was very determined to work and have his own money. From his first salary at only 14, he purchased his very first pair of sneakers. And this is how everything started. Chris developed a taste for fashion since he was a kid. The lack of possibilities in his early years made him love fashion more and more. 

Slowly, Chris Robinson started his sneakers collection. He started the sneaker hunt and even today, this is his favorite activity. Early in the morning, he checks on e-Bay and the hunt for ‘unicorns’ – rare pair of sneakers, how they call them – starts. From samples to rare and extravagant pairs, today Chris owns more than 3,000 pairs of sneakers. 

Let me tell you what happens next. In 2011 he becomes the owner of his own sneakers store; a dream came true. This accomplishment did not happen overnight, there was a lot of work, patience, dedication, and ambition involved. Christ Robinson was smart to make connections which definitely helped him in his journey to success. 

To see his success, feel free to follow Chris on Instagram @sbcollector. His account is filled with colorful and amazing pictures from his personal collection. Chris Robinson shares with us an advice for the young entrepreneur. Listen carefully and take your strength to carry on from his story. It is truly extraordinary! 

“Don’t listen to the people around you who may say it will never happen.”

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