Ever Asked Yourself If Your Hobby Could Become Your Career? Here’s Why It Should

Whenever we enjoy doing something, we hardly realize the patience, time and attention for detail we put into it. Abraham Adegeye wants to feel the same about his daily job.

Abrahamdailydosis is 24 years old and currently based in Austria. As a fashion influencer, he has plenty of loyal followers who enjoy seeing his latest uploads of outfit choices on various social media channels.

Abraham combines his love of photography with fashion, and this is something he has been doing since he was a schoolchild when he first started to upload photos of his outfits. Back then there was not a thought that he would be doing it at a professional level and as part of his career. But he is, which has meant he has been able to work with some big brands that include, but not limited to, Nike, Timberland, G-Star, Coca-Cola and Diesel. He also took part in a TV campaign that highlighted the topics of diversity and cyberbullying for Sprite. Going forward, Abraham is interested in enhancing his modelling career and working alongside more higher-end fashion brands.

But it is not all about the money, Adegeye says that his main purpose will always be to inspire, and that comes before selling. He wouldn’t mind appearing in more magazines and hasn’t ruled out the idea of appearing in a reality show completely, however it is not something he could imagine himself doing at the moment! 

One thing about Abraham is that clearly, he is aware that what he does is a modern niche and possibly a changeable one. But, as he points out, social media is unlikely to be going anywhere, so there will always be some platforms for this kind of thing. And whatever direction things do end up taking, he has other angles covered, he is currently studying and of course, he has his modelling career to focus on. He is studying Marketing Studies at a university in Vienna, he sees this option as his Plan B!

In a few years time Abraham wants to be producing more videos (he regularly uploads his fashion clips to YouTube). He seems like he should be set up for staying power, despite this niche being a fairly crowded one. His performance styles are changeable and whatever particular style he chooses he seems to be able to remain true to himself, an attribute that many people appreciate. What’s your hobby? Perhaps it could form the part of an exciting career like it did for Abraham!

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